Auto Insurance

When you get in your car, you don’t usually think about what could happen, you think about where you’re going, and that’s only a problem when your trip is interrupted by a fender bender or severe car accident. Mid-America Insurance Agency of Illinois can make sure you’re covered if the unexpected happens.

Bodily Injury Insurance

Bodily injury liability insurance pertains to injuries that you obtain in a car accident (assuming you are the main driver and the policy is in your name). Your family members who are also listed on the policy are covered. If you are driving someone else’s car with their permission and have an accident, you’re covered.

A lot of people do not realize that if they are involved in a car accident, serious injuries can be sustained. You can be sued and lose your home and any assets you have.

Property Damage Insurance

Property damage auto insurance covers damage caused by you or if someone driving your car (with permission from you) damages someone’s property, whether it be a car, pole, or building, etc.

Medical Payment Insurance

Medical payment insurance is also known as personal injury protection (PIP). This type of insurance pays for your injuries and any passengers’ injuries. If you opt for the full coverage policy, it pays for medical expenses, any lost wages. In most cases, it covers funeral expenses/p>

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance pays for any damage to your car as the result of a collision with another vehicle, pole, building, or flipping your car. This works if you are found to be at fault.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers more than Collison insurance if your car is damaged by an explosion, tornado, earthquake, missile, falling objects, theft, hail, wind, fire deer, etc. If your windshield is broken by any of the above or any other means, it will also be paid for as well.

If you need auto insurance for yourself or a family member, stop by or call the Mid-America Insurance Agency of Illinois today for a quote.